Active health management is based on sensor data and the results of research from various professional institutions and schools, including practical research and theories from various disciplines such as sports training, sports science and sports medicine, to achieve motion capture and data analysis, provide in-depth exercise advice to users, and further provide short-term fitness analysis and long-term exercise benefit analysis.

Physical fitness analysis

Benefit assessment

At the end of each exercise, the app will display the indicators of the exercise through data analysis, including physical load, warm-up efficiency, recovery ability, exercise efficiency, energy consumption efficiency and risk control.

The long-term accumulation of data shows the changes and trends in the user's exercise capacity and serves as a reference value for AI exercise guidance.

Health assessment

Conducting a health assessment prior to exercise improves the accuracy of fitness reports while effectively reducing the incidence of accidents.

Turn on training

A wide range of training programme models are available and you can also personalise your training programme to suit your own training needs and guide it through to completion with the professional sports intelligence equipment from Ruyun.

AI training

Based on the data analysed in daily life and exercise.

Calculates and recommends the right exercise programme for you.

The Health AI Coach, Know Me More

The leading active health management system, integrating comprehensive physiological assessment, automatic sleep tracking and sports performance data, has developed a forward-looking algorithm technology for all-day activity indicators, providing the public with sleep advice, diet advice and activity advice, providing constantly evolving scientific, personalised and intelligent sports and health management solutions, playing a crucial role in monitoring the daily physical functions and stamina of users, avoiding overworking and reducing vitality and sports levels, and even affecting the body's immunity.