Good performance and accurate navigation

The INCRCER series of elite triathlon sports watches, tailor-made equipment for runners, swimmers and cyclists, to protect you from the outdoors. The new generation of the INRACER 7 is here.

With a more refined body, better performance, better navigation and longer battery life, the INRACER 7 gives you a better outdoor experience and helps you achieve self-improvement.

Extreme positioning, extreme adventure

We have designed the INRACER7 with every detail in mind. The circularly polarised antenna design allows the watch to receive signals from 360 degrees without fear of all kinds of complex environments. A new generation of star search chips, adapted to all kinds of environments and sporting adventures, keeps INRACER7 by your side.

Tough design, stylish personality

The INRACER 7 strikes the perfect balance between ruggedness and lightness, giving you extra peace of mind when you're out on the trails.

With its sapphire glass mirror and aerospace-grade titanium bezel, it is a step up in wear resistance.

Extreme conditions, courageous exploration

Whether it's the cold of the poles or the heat of the desert, there's no stopping the courage to explore.

The INRACER 7 series is ready to accompany you on your quest from -20°C to 60°C.

-20­°C              60­°C

No fear of rain or snow

Whether it's raining or snowing, the INRACER 7

can still maintain its excellent performance with its 50m

Waterproof for more demanding sports situations.

Music to keep you active

The device can play music without pairing with your mobile phone and

can be connected to wireless Bluetooth headphones.

With 4G memory, approximately 500 songs (in MP3 format).

Easy to use, touch screen knobs

Full touch screen, knob/button design.

A professional sports watch that can be simple to operate.

Longevity that defies expectations

INRACER 7 lasts up to 90 days in standard daily mode.With three hours of solar/

light energy supplementation per day, the range is increased from 90 to 120 days.

90­days              120­days

A hundred different sports to enjoy

Water sports, snow sports, running sports, extreme sports, urban sports.

More sports will be added to meet the needs of different users.

Lightweight Watch body

Designed to lighten the body for long distance runners.

Approx. 41g for reduced weight movement, more comfort and speed.

Outdoor exploration under control

Multi-functional settings such as latitude and longitude, projected zoning and Gaussian coordinates.

Never get lost again, find your bearings and adventure safely.

Planning a new route in advance

Plan a [trail running/hiking/walking/biking/road running] route.

Management support for saving multiple custom marked points, niche spots, campsites, rest areas, fishing spots ......

Marked treasure spots for easy navigation to come back to next time.

From the heart, health with you

24-hour heart rate, with four-channel PPG signal acquisition and multi-channel fusion algorithm.

All-day blood oxygen, with timed blood oxygen tracking, with altitude response for current adaptations.

Heart rate recovery after exercise, giving recovery time and exercise advice.

Scientific monitoring and

active health management

All-day data collection, through the Rujun Sports app platform, for different users Provide more accurate, scientific and easy to understand analysis recommendations and reports.

In-depth knowledge of sleep

INRACER 7 helps you to monitor the quality of your sleep, with every stage of sleep (deep sleep, light sleep, rapid eye movement sleep, mid-awake) under control. When you wake up, you can check your fatigue and recovery indices, as well as your HRV value, to assess whether your body is ready for sleep. The recommended sleep duration is also provided to improve the user's sleep quality.

Proactive health management

Daily life advice, sleep advice, training advice and diet advice are provided.

Proactive management of your daily life and training for a healthier life.

Training Plans

Download the AI training plan, the marathon training plan, through the APP platform.

Scientific training to improve the quality of fitness and effective training.


Product size43*43*13mm

Product weight41g(Strap not included)



BatteryLow temperature lithium batteries

Operating systemsROOZYM OS

Network SupportBlue 5.0



Blood Oxygen


24 hour heart rate




Daily range>90天(Daily),>120天(Solar)

Sport range>50小时(Highly accurate positioning),>100小时(GPS)

Barometric heightSupport

Electronic compassSupport

Heart rate

Watch-style optical heart rate

Waterproof rating5 ATM

Gaussian coordinatesSupport

Operating temperature-20~60℃

Storage temperature-40~75℃