A new life of extreme exploration

COSMO 7, the ultimate off-road outdoor watch, is designed for off-road enthusiasts, so you can go off-road without worry.Adventure is always something to look forward to, no matter where your challenge takes you - COSMO 7 is always there to back you up.

A new innovation in four colours

COSMO7's four-colour design turns the previous simple shades on their head.

The main colour palette is made of natural earthy colours, in line with the extreme gamers, the

off-road enthusiasts' style, a combination of cool and dazzling.

Solar charging for another

breakthrough in range

COSMO 7 products incorporate solar charging to make the limit perfect, without fear of thousands of miles of adventure.A total upgrade in range performance, with a range of up to 90 days in standard daily mode.With three hours of solar/light energy replenishment per day, the range is increased from 90 to 120 days.

90­days              120­days

Easy to use, touch screen knobs

Full touch screen, knob/button design.

A professional sports watch that can be simple to operate.

Making a difference

COSMO 7 features a 1.2" fully reflective LED screen with improved resolution across the board.

The single button fusion knob design simplifies and increases the use of the touch screen for a new generation of better user experience.

The COSMO 7 is designed to withstand wear and tear in motion, with a sapphire glass mirror face ring made of aerospace-grade titanium alloy for online wear resistance.

100m waterproof

The COSMO 7 new generation has improved on water resistance, with a 10ATM level of waterproofing up from the previous generation, and underwater heart rate monitoring is now supported, a new breakthrough across the board.

Ultimate exploration,

music with you

The device can play music without pairing with your phone and can be connected to wireless Bluetooth headphones.

With 4G memory, approximately 500 songs (in MP3 format).

Passing the test

Rugged and uncritical

Cold/heat resistance test -20°C to 60°C, 40,000m rapid decompression test 48H salt spray test, 20 times high and low temperature shock test

Outdoor adventures,

navigation further enhanced

Outdoor navigation/tracking/field positioning/environmental monitoring/compass bearings.

All are indispensable for outdoor adventures, and accurate data makes them easier.

Accurate positioning

in the wilderness

Gaussian coordinates and projected sub-bands are calibrated to 1,000th accuracy in extreme wilderness, allowing quick access to current position and stored position data.

Campaign navigation/return

No more getting lost

No more getting lost in the outdoors by planning a route with the APP and downloading it to the watch.

Trackback is also done directly after exercise, returning the same way, with peace of mind and safety.

Compass, bearing calibration

with versatile settings for latitude and longitude, projected sub-bands, Gaussian coordinates, etc.

Never get lost again, find your bearings at your leisure and adventure safely.

Scientific monitoring and

active health management

All-day data collection, through the Rujun Sports app platform, for different users Provide more accurate,

scientific and easy to understand analysis recommendations and reports.

Proactive management of your health in four dimensions: life, sleep, training and diet. Advice is given.

ModelCOSMO 7

Product size48*48*14mm

Product weight43g(Strap not included)



BatteryLow temperature lithium batteries

Operating systemsROOZYM OS

Network SupportBlue 5.0



Blood Oxygen


24 hour heart rate




Daily range>90天(Daily),>120天(Solar)

Sport range>50小时(Highly accurate positioning),>100小时(GPS)

Barometric heightSupport

Electronic compassSupport

Heart rate

Watch-style optical heart rate

Waterproof rating10ATM

Gaussian coordinatesSupport

Operating temperature-20~60℃

Storage temperature-40~75℃