After Sales Commitment and Warranty Coverage

Last updated: 8 October 2021

I. Quality Commitment

  1. The product is executed in accordance with the National Three Bags Act.

  2. The warranty period for the main unit is 1 year.

  3. Accessories (including but not limited to: strap, charger, charging cable, charging tray, etc.) warranty for three months.

  4. Warranty period calculation start date: the customer purchase date (invoice issuance date) shall prevail.

Ⅱ.7 days free return, exchange, warranty

Within 7 days from the date of purchase (including 7 days), if the main unit of the product has a performance failure that is not manmade damage, you can choose to refund the invoice price or replace it with a product of the same model and specification, or choose to repair it for free.

III. 15-day free exchange and warranty

From the 8th to the 15th day from the date of purchase (inclusive), if the main unit of the product has a nonhuman damage performance failure, you can choose to replace it with a product of the same model and specification, or choose to repair it free of charge.

IV. Warranty coverage

We will provide free product repair or replacement services for faults arising from product quality within the warranty scope.

V. Non-warranty scope

  1. The contents on the host and invoice or warranty certificate do not match or have been altered from the actual product.

  2. The product host and accessories have been subject to abnormal or wrong use, abnormal conditions, improper storage, unauthorized disassembly or alteration, improper installation and other nonproduct damage caused by the product itself.

  3. Damage caused by improper use by the user, such as liquid injection, dial wear, case deformation and rupture, etc.

  4. Damage caused by failure to use, maintain or transport the product in accordance with the requirements of the instruction manual

  5. Damage caused by force majeure such as earthquakes, floods, wars, etc.

  6. Does not meet the relevant provisions of the warranty and the relevant national laws.

VI. After-sales instructions

  1. When a fault occurs, the customer with a valid purchase invoice and warranty certificate (no warranty certificate in accordance with the product factory date plus 45 days logistics inventory cycle as a judgment of whether the product in the warranty period) to enjoy warranty services.

  2. Within 15 days of online purchases due to quality issues in line with the requirements of the return of goods in accordance with the dealer after-sales process.

  3. Within 15 days of offline purchase due to quality problems meet the requirements of return and exchange by the local dealer is responsible for.

  4. All products above 15 days need to be returned to the factory for repair due to quality problems can be submitted through the APP online after-sales service application, the aftersales service application will be completed according to the APP operation prompts and will be sent back for repair only after approval.

  5. If the product is not covered by the warranty after testing, the product will be repaired after obtaining the consent of the consumer, and the quotation will be charged for the repair of the fault, and the warranty for the same function within 90 days will be provided.

VII. After-sales logistics costs

After order sign-off

Type of product problem

Logistics costs

Within 15 days (inclusive)

Quality problems, logistic damage, missing parts or discrepancies between the description of the goods and the manufacturer's official website or product manual

Double Exemption

  • 15+ days


Single free (reverse logistics paid by customer, forward logistics paid by Roundabout)