Brand Introduction

ROOZYM belongs to the brand of Shenzhen Circumference Intelligent Information Technology Co.Research and development work. In 2016, the company successfully broke through the technology of ultra-long standby time for smart wear products and created an outdoor smart sports watch with a life span of more than 90 days.The company was founded in 2019 and owns a number of patents on smart wear technology, promoting the technical development of the field of smart wear devices and pioneering the domestic.The company has a number of smart wear technology patents, promoting the development of technology in the field of smart wear devices, pioneering the first professional sports smart wear in China.

   Brand Story

  • The company is committed to making exercise more scientific and life more healthy;

  • We are committed to incorporating cutting-edge technology into our product design;

  • Clean, hard lines are the main language of our product design;

  • We focus on functionality and form;

  • We focus on the practicality of our products in the process of use;

  • Involvement of many industry experts in product design;

  • Each function is developed to meet the needs of the user.